Assistenza e controllo sociale a Bologna tra Antico regime ed Età napoleonica

Si segnala la pubblicazione dell’articolo di  Maria Romana Caforio, Assistenza e controllo sociale a Bologna tra antico regime ed Età napoleonica. L’Opera pia dei Mendicanti, in «Proposte e ricerche»,
XXXVII, n. 73, 2014, pp. 67-79.


Very few studies have been conducted on the strategies of social control in Bologna between the XVIII and the Napoleonic Era. This paper aims to fill the gap by focusing on the Opera Pia dei Mendicanti, a charity foundation for orphan, prostitutes, offenders and people with mental disability. Based on a wide range of archive records, the analysis reconstructs the purposes of the institution, the social actors involved, the management of reclusive spaces as well as internal regulations. The research points out the role of the Opera Pia within the social and economic local context, identifying continuities and discontinuities between the Ancién Regim and the French domination, in order to evaluate its impact on the individuals and on the territory as a whole.

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